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Folder Protect 2.1.0 Crack + Registration Key 2021 For Windows

Folder Protect Crack is capable of achieving this. It has 16 different forms of custom password security that you can use to password secure folders, discs, and extensions. Select from view, access, change, and delete to acquire the level of security you desire.

Folder Protect 2.1.0 Crack is the most effective and secure programme for securing folders and contacting various installed programmes, files, folders, drives, and general software. Furthermore, this programme has features such as automated protection, Stealth Mode, Safe Mode Lock, Hotkeys, and the ability to access password-protected apps. This software has a user-friendly interface and valuable functionality. Furthermore, this software comes with a two-step wizard that will show you how to utilise it.

Folder Protect is a security utility that allows you to lock down folders and access files, folders, drives, installed programmes, and common apps. Safe Mode Lock, Stealth Mode, Hotkeys, automated protection, and password access to protected items are also included in the programme. Folder Protect has a user interface that is easier and has unique functionality. When you first use the software, you’ll see a simple two-step wizard where you can choose what you want to secure and how you want to protect it.

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Folder Protects 2 1 0 cracks free download is a security tool that protects your files, folders, drives, masks, and programs. When sharing your computer with multiple users, it is highly recommended that you use this type of tool to protect the privacy of your data.

Following the program’s initialization, you must create a password that will be used every time you access Folder Protect. The application has a professional-looking interface with a file browser and drag-and-drop functionality for importing items to the file list. Multiple entries can be safeguarded at the same time.

Each item’s location, type, and permissions are displayed in the file queue. Folder Protect allows you to prevent users from accessing, deleting, viewing, and writing data when it comes to editing permissions. How to pc folder lock

There are also a number of program setup options. You can enable stealth mode and assign a key combination to toggle it, disable the master password, enable automatic protection after a user-defined time interval, and change the master key, for example.

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The program responds quickly, applies security updates to specified pieces immediately, and offers user documentation. During our evaluation, Folder Protect performed flawlessly, with no error dialogue boxes popping up. In the end, Folder Protect aids any user who wishes to safeguard personal information.

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Folder Protect free download makes it simple to choose the level of security you want for your files, making them inaccessible, hidden, write-protected, and delete-proof by selecting No Access, No Visibility, No Writing, and No Deletion. You can also use a mix of these sorts of security depending on your needs; for example, you can pick No Delete and No Write at the same time to make your files erased and write-protected.

Another useful feature is Folder Protect masking protection, which protects all common file extensions such as *.avi, *.gif, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.mp3, *.wmv, *.mpeg, *.doc, and many others. With a single mouse click, you may safeguard all files in the same format.

Furthermore, the Folder Secure context menu allows you to password protect your files directly from Windows Explorer, eliminating the need to initially launch the software. Folder Protect is a data protection tool that works with Windows 7 / Vista / 2003 / XP and provides a lot more than other data security products. NCH PhotoPad Image is another option.


Following are some of the wonderful benefits that you can get after installing Folder Protect 7.8.4 for free.

Use of data protection:

Folder Protect introduces a novel approach to the security of “data in use.” It not only protects your data with a password, but it also allows you to set other security settings for your files, such as making them inaccessible, invisible, delete-proof, or write-protected.

Access to elements that are protected:

Customize the level of security so that your files and folders are accessible but not erasable or writeable. You can also gain access to hidden files by typing their exact path in RUN, Windows Explorer, or DOS mode.

Files and folders can be hidden in the following ways:

Folder Protect encrypts your files so that they can’t be read, searched, or removed unless you know the exact path and password. Even if you restart your computer or click Show hidden files, the data will stay hidden.

Maximum security:

Folder Protect makes use of Windows kernel-level protection, which works even in safe mode and ensures that your data is protected to the fullest extent possible.

Take the following test to see if you’ve lost any data:

Never be concerned about data loss, theft, or a breach of privacy. Folder Protect will keep your data safe.

Protect your data from being written to:

Folder Protect prevents other users from making redundant changes to your data. Folder Protect keeps your files write-protected.

Function of the stealth mode:

This function hides all application shortcuts from the Desktop, Quick Launch, Start Menu, Add or delete programme items, and the context menu in Explorer, allowing you to keep your secret. Use a hotkey of your choice to start the programme.


Activate Auto Protection and set an idle time to automatically secure your data after that time.

Details about the technical configuration:

Folder Protect 2.1.0 Free Download is the full name of the software.

Folder Protect is the name of the downloaded file.

The download file is 4.5 MB in size.

Offline installer / complete stand-alone configuration is the type of application.

64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (32-bit) compatibility architecture (x86)

How do you set it up?

  • Use WinRAR or WinZip to extract the zip file, or use the Windows command by default.
  • Install the application after opening the installer and accepting the terms.
  • If you’re having trouble, look at the fixes folder for help.

What is the best way to crack?

  1. Using the IOBIT Uninstaller, remove the old version.
  2. Download and unzip the files (you may need IDM or Winrar)
  3. Download the installation file and run it.
  4. To activate the software, use the provided Keygen.
  5. Enjoy.

Folder Protect 2.1.0 Crack + Registration Key 2021 For Windows

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